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car accident claimSerious injuries suffered in a car accident can disrupt your life and leave you unable to work for weeks, months, years, or a lifetime. If the car crash was not your fault, you might be able to recover compensation for lost income and other losses.

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer can evaluate your car accident injuries and help you understand your rights to pursue a lost-wages-due-to-car-accident claim. A personal injury attorney can demand compensation for your financial losses, including lost wages, future lost earnings, lost contracts, lost commissions, and bonuses. The law firm Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks has a dedicated team of attorneys in Raleigh, North Carolina, who provide experienced legal representation and personal attention to each client we serve.

Contact our office today for a free consultation with a North Carolina car accident attorney. Our personal injury attorneys can deal with the insurance adjusters and develop your personal injury claim so that you can focus on healing from your injuries.

What Types of Lost Income Compensation Are Available in a North Carolina Car Accident Claim?

In a North Carolina personal injury claim, the victim is allowed to seek several types of compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are intended to compensate the injured person for the financial losses associated with their injury. This typically includes compensation for the accident victim’s medical expenses as well as for wages and income the person lost because he or she was unable to work due to the car accident.

A proper accounting of lost wages and income should include income you lost as a result of your injuries since the date of your accident.  The loss of income must be the result of physical or psychological injuries documented in the medical records. The best way to prove that is with out of work notes from your doctor. If the doctor gives you a light duty note, and your employer cannot or will not accommodate those restrictions, a letter from your employer explaining that will be very helpful.

Unfortunately, North Carolina law has no provision for lost income due to the inconvenience of your vehicle being rendered undrivable by the accident.  North Carolina law also has no provision for losing income while looking for a replacement car, going to the repair shop, dealing with the insurance adjuster, etc.

If your permanent disabilities make it impossible for you to return to your previous job and you must take a lower-paying job, you may seek compensation for the difference in pay and benefits between your former job and your current employment. This is known as damages for diminished earning capacity.

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In some cases, a self-employed business owner may have lost business opportunities because of a car accident injury. If you can document its existence with a business proposal or contract and the potential value, this loss may be included as part of your lost wages claim.

The calculations of your future earnings losses would be based on your doctors’ predictions as to your future disability, your current work-related salary and benefits, the number of years before you reach full retirement age, your likely career progression (promotions, job changes), and economic projections of wage growth in your line of work. Expert testimony from an economist and/or accountant is necessary to prove many complex past lost income claims and all future lost income.

Documenting Lost Wages from a Car Accident Claim

To substantiate a lost wage claim, we would gather statements from your doctor and employer to establish the length of your absence from work based on the doctor’s orders and the severity of your injuries.

Then we would obtain payroll system data from your employer to document the actual pay received. If our client’s salary came in part from commissions, bonuses, or tips, the payroll system and tax records would show these figures.

If our client were self-employed or had their own business, we would help them gather tax records as well as invoices, financial reports, and bank deposit records to substantiate income over a time period comparable to the period of missed work due to an injury. In any significant self-employed lost income claim, we would likely need an accountant and maybe an economist to testify.

Experts in economics and/or accounting are necessary to prove anything other than simple past lost wage or salary. Anytime we try to predict future lost income, an economist is necessary.  In addition, one or more supervisors or other colleagues might attest to our client’s bright future and lost earning capacity due to another driver’s negligence.

Let Our Experienced Car Accident Attorneys Help

Younce Vtipil Baznik & Banks personal injury law teamThe objective of a car accident claim is to make the unjustly injured accident victim financially whole. In most cases, this includes replacing income the accident victim lost while recovering from their injuries sustained in a crash. Our knowledgeable car accident lawyers will gather your medical records, paycheck information, bank statements, and tax returns to prove lost wages and develop a strong case for compensation for your lost income after a serious car accident.

If you or a loved one has lost substantial income because of car accident injuries that a negligent driver caused, the Raleigh car accident lawyers at Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks are ready to help you hold the other driver financially accountable and demand fair compensation. Our legal team will seek maximum compensation for you, including past, present, and future lost income due to your car accident. If the other driver’s insurance company refuses to agree to a fair settlement during the claims process, we will be prepared to file a lawsuit and pursue personal injury litigation to seek financial accountability for you.

Contact Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks today for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Our knowledgeable attorneys will review how the car accident happened and discuss your legal options. We understand personal injury law and the challenges our clients face after car accidents. We will provide you with the personalized service and aggressive legal representation you deserve. Contact us now online or at 919-661-9000. Our law firm has English- and Spanish-speaking staff members to ensure your legal matter gets appropriate attention.

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