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How Can I Save Money During Divorce?

Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating, especially when the divorcing couple engages in a protracted legal battle. Many couples are able to save time and money with divorce mediation services to resolve disputes. When mediation is successful, couples can reach reasonable and durable compromises that simplify the divorce process and give both sides ownership in the agreement they produce. When a settlement can be achieved through the collaborative divorce process, it can save divorcing couples tens of thousands of dollars in litigation costs and reduce the strife and acrimony involved in contested divorces. Our divorce attorneys can offer professional guidance based on experience and help you maintain realistic expectations of what can be accomplished during divorce negotiations. Read more about this topic here.


How Can I Talk To My Spouse About Divorce?

Conversations about divorce with your spouse is challenging. How do you bring the topic up? You may want to share your thoughts on why the marriage is not working. When you are ready to bring up the topic, make sure that you are doing it when you both have the time to sit down and focus on the conversation. Sometimes a spouse knows that the inevitable is coming. Other times he or she may be blindsided by the news that their partner wants a divorce. If you are afraid of your spouse’s reaction to the news that you would like a divorce, consider bringing up the topic in front of a neutral third party. With some time and preparation, you can have an effective conversation with your partner about divorce. Read more about this topic here.


How Should I Talk to My Children About Separation and Divorce?

Telling your children that you are planning on getting a divorce can be one of the most difficult discussions you will ever have. By being a good listener, providing reassurance, and making your kids your top priority, you can minimize the stress your children feel during the divorce process and help them cope with their new reality. Consider your child’s age – News of a divorce will affect children of different ages in distinct ways. When you address the divorce with your children, it is best if you and your spouse can present a united front and have agreed on the terms of the divorce in advance. When you sit your children down to discuss the divorce, both spouses should be present. Read more about this topic here.

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