How much can I expect to spend in legal fees

This is the most commonly asked question by clients and the most difficult one to answer. Each case is different, and as a result the amount spent on attorney’s fees is different. While we can make general estimates of ranges of anticipated fees based on our past experience, you must understand that these estimates are not guarantees. These estimates are for your financial planning purposes and preparation. Our firm charges on an hourly rate basis or a flat fee basis, depending on the type of legal service you are seeking. For claims which seek a judgment of absolute divorce based on one year’s separation and which are not contested, we normally charge a fixed fee. With regard to other claims, we generally charge for our services at an hourly rate, which varies from attorney to attorney. Staff time is also billed at a lower hourly rate. Any specific concerns regarding the fees charged by your attorney should be explained in your legal services contract. You should always contact your attorney if you have questions or concerns about the fee arrangement as soon as possible.

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