What if I’m working, but not to the extent that I was before? Will I still receive benefits?

The Social Security Administration has “work incentives” that allow you to work while receiving benefits. It actually encourages its applicants to keep working. A general description of each incentive follows:

  • Trial Work Period – For nine months you may earn as much as you can without affecting benefits. After your trial work period ends, your earnings are evaluated. If your earnings do not average more than $500 a month, benefits will generally continue. If earnings average more than $500 a month, benefits will continue for a three-month grace period before they stop.
  • Extended Period of Eligibility – For 36 months after a successful trial work period, you may be eligible to receive a monthly benefit without a new application for any month your earnings drop below $500.
  • Deductions for Impairment-Related Expenses — Any expenses that are related to your disability are not counted in your earnings.
  • Medicare Continuation – Your Medicare coverage will continue for 39 months beyond the trial work period.

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