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How Do I Handle Medical Care During a Personal Injury Case? | FAQs

North Carolina injury lawyer David Vtipil explains what to do after an injury caused by negligence. For more information, visit

Video Transcript:

When injured in an accident, the first thing you should do is get medical treatment immediately. If your injury is serious or life threatening, the ER is appropriate for your medical care. If your injury is not an emergency situation, determine the best option for your medical care and receive treatment as soon as possible.

If you have health insurance make sure you direct the medical provider to file the claim on your health insurance. This may some wrong to you because you may ask shouldn’t the at fault insurance company pay for my bills? However the at fault insurance company does not pay your bills as you get treatment and you do want these bills going into collections. The at fault insurance company only pays your medical bills at the end of your case when you have finished up all treatment.

When seeing a medical provider for your claim, make sure you do the following:

-List all of your injuries, don’t be afraid to be thorough and honest

-Tell them about ANY pre-existing medical problems you’ve experienced

-Make sure you address your work status and get a work note

-Keep follow up appointments, failure to do so can hurt your claim

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