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Serious accidents cause serious losses – lost pay, medical bills, pain, suffering, disability, property damage and more. You need help from someone who cares about your recovery – both your health and your money. That’s exactly the type of person you’ll find in the injury attorneys at Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A., in Raleigh.

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Wherever you are in North Carolina, the dedicated legal team at Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A., is ready to provide you with compassionate, one-on-one legal service, while standing strong for your rights. You no doubt have lots of questions. Talk to our caring team now to get answers to questions such as:

  • Do I have a valid claim?
  • What are my legal rights?
  • What options do I have for recovering the money I need?
  • How can Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A., help me?

We’re ready to discuss your case and answer specific questions. The claim review and consultation are free for all practice areas except family law. Discuss your situation directly with a lawyer.

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Right now is probably one of the most stressful and confusing times you’ve ever experienced. You understandably feel overwhelmed as you try to deal with insurance companies, medical providers, missed time from work, household tasks, auto repair shops and so many other worries. All of these issues are pressing on you while you are trying to heal and keep your family going.

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We know what you’re going through and we want to shoulder as much of your burden as we can. Let the lawyers at Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A., deal with the insurance companies, the courts and the other concerns related to your accident. With us fighting for you, you can focus on fighting to get your life back together.

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Law Firm Makes All the Difference

Don’t settle for second best. Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A., is a highly respected law firm dedicated to providing outstanding legal help to North Carolina individuals and families in a wide variety of situations. We have the resources, experience, knowledge and courage to take on some of the largest corporations in America – and win.

When you work with Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A., you work one-on-one with a legal team who is dedicated to you. Most of our injury lawyers and staff have been with the firm for a decade or more. That means you don’t have to worry about being handed off again and again.

Our injury lawyers handle a variety of claims, including car wrecks, truck wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, on the job injuries, wrongful death cases, harmful drug injuries, slip-and fall-injuries, and product liability claims. In the vast majority of cases, we are able to secure full and fair compensation for our clients through negotiations. However, if it is in our client’s best interest, we are ready, willing and able to take a case to trial.

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"These guys are great, especially David. They are friendly, professional & down to earth. I can’t think of any thing negative to say about them. They are very good at what they do." - Bennie
"After a long and difficult period of dealing with my son’s accident, your representation means even more to me as a father who has seen his son’s painful recovery." - Clint S.
"I recommend the office of Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A.! They handled my case very efficiently and professionally with a good outcome." - Mark

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Our attorneys handle a variety of injury claims, including car wrecks, truck wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, on the job injuries, wrongful death cases, harmful drug injuries. We also handle a variety of family law claims including separation agreements, child custody, child support, and legal help for domestic violence victims.

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Facing a Legal Issue Like These? We Can Handle It

The attorneys at Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A., have helped thousands of people in North Carolina get the results they needed in many types of claims. When someone else was fault for your injuries – or you have suffered a workplace accident or are unable to work due to a disability – you should not have to worry about how to make ends meet. If you are seeking help with the end of a marriage, you do not need to do it alone, our attorneys can help walk you through the process.

Talk to a top notch attorney today to find out what we can do to get you the compensation you deserve.

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At Work?

Workers’ compensation insurance is intended to provide benefits for people who get hurt on the job. Virtually all employers in North Carolina are required to carry coverage, but many do not. Find out if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance by using our free tool.

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It costs you nothing to discuss your personal injury case with an experienced legal professional. Let us review the facts of your situation and provide you with free legal advice about your options. You have questions and we have answers. Let us answer your questions at no cost to you and with no strings attached.

At Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A., our attorneys are ready to talk whenever you are. You can contact us online or by phone any time of day or night, any day of the week. Are you ready to get started now? Just fill out our simple online contact form or give us a call.

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