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Year: 2018

It happens every winter in central North Carolina: a hard freeze causes widespread instances of ice on roads and dozens— if not hundreds —of car accidents follow. On December 9, 2017, the National Weather Service issued a black ice advisory to more than 10 North Carolina counties, including Wake (Raleigh),…

There are many reasons a person may quit a job. However, you should keep in mind that leaving an employer that owes you workers’ compensation benefits can complicate a pending workers’ compensation claim. Resigning from a company that is responsible for your workers’ compensation benefits should be a carefully considered…

North Carolina establishes its rules and regulations for individuals employed in the state in Chapter 95 of the NC General Statutes, titled Department of Labor and Labor Regulations. Most North Carolinians will work their entire careers without giving much thought to workplace rights and regulations outside of their employers’ orientation…

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