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construction-accidentPeople who are injured while working in construction are usually entitled to benefits from the North Carolina workers’ compensation system. In some cases, an injured construction worker may be able to seek additional compensation – including money for pain and suffering and other losses – through a third-party claim if someone other than the employer or co-workers caused the accident. Let us review your case and discuss your legal options now for free.

Raleigh and other communities in the Triangle area are booming. The growth means lots of construction jobs. The downside is that construction work includes some of the most dangerous jobs in North Carolina.

If you have been hurt while working in construction – or a close relative has been killed in a construction accident – you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Depending on what happened, you may also be able to bring a third-party claim for additional compensation. Third-party claims apply in situations where someone other than the employer or co-workers did something wrong to cause the accident.

At Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks, P.A., our experienced workplace accident attorneys are dedicated to helping construction accident victims and their families. Lawyers Chip Younce Jr. and David E. Vtipil, are North Carolina Board Certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation Law. David has also been named among the nation’s Top 100 Injured Workers’ Attorneys and he has been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America in the field of Workers’ Compensation Law.

You can count on us to deliver personalized service, while treating you with the respect and compassion you deserve and expect. We will also keep you updated on the status of your case. Our firm uses a state-of-the-art case management system to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. We also have staff members who are fluent in both English and Spanish ready to assist you.

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Common Accidents on Raleigh Construction Sites

State and federal regulations are designed to keep workers safe on construction sites. Unfortunately, some contractors, property owners, and other employers break the rules or cut corners on safety. While this might seem to save money in the short run, it often ends up causing costly construction site accidents.

Some of the most common – and most injurious – accidents on construction sites include:

younce-vtipil-construction-injury-01Injuries from Tools, Machines, and Equipment – Construction work requires a wide variety of tools and equipment to get the job done. These range from heavy diggers, bulldozers, and cranes to nail guns and simple hand tools. Improper safety measures and product defects can result in accidents that cause serious injuries.

younce-vtipil-construction-injury-02Collisions with Vehicles – Motor vehicles are common on construction sites. Steady traffic flow of dump trucks, delivery vans, tractor-trailers, and even pickups transporting workers and equipment can set the stage for vehicle accidents. Construction workers are also at a heightened risk for traffic accidents when the construction site is located near a roadway or parking lot.

younce-vtipil-construction-injury-03Fires, Explosions, and Electrical Accidents – A combination of combustible materials like chemicals, gas, and building materials, along with tools that use heat and flame can create a risk for fires or explosions on construction sites. Electrocution is also a major concern on construction sites, particularly when operating equipment near overhead powerlines or when working on unfinished electrical systems.

younce-vtipil-construction-injury-04Crush or Entrapment Accidents – Workers’ bodies can become enmeshed in heavy equipment or crushed between two heavy objects, such as a dump truck and a wall, for example. Cave-ins, including those involving faulty trenches or structures that give way, are also tragically common in construction work.

younce-vtipil-construction-injury-05Falls – Whether a fall on the same level (such as a trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall) or a fall from a height, falls are a very common type of construction site accident. Employers are supposed to take steps to prevent falls – for example, by providing fall protection systems, clearly marking openings in floors, removing debris and clutter, and providing safe scaffolds and ladders. When dangerous conditions are left uncorrected, workers face a great risk of injury.

younce-vtipil-construction-injury-06Struck by Objects – If not properly managed, construction sites can become the scene of serious accidents that involve falling or flying objects. For example, tools or materials may fall from a higher level and striking workers below. A crane or hoist could drop its load and crush people beneath it. Scaffolds and framing may collapse and strike workers. These are just a few examples of how construction accidents can involve falling objects.

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Common Injuries on Construction Sites in North Carolina

Accidents on construction sites frequently cause serious – or even fatal – injuries. Some of the most common types of injuries suffered in construction accidents include:

These are just a few of the many types of injuries construction workers may suffer on the job. If you have been hurt on a construction site, your first priority should be to seek the medical care you need. You should also report your injury to your employer as soon as possible.

Workers' Compensation Claims and Third-Party Lawsuits for Injured Construction Workers

Workers who are hurt in construction accidents are usually entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. While workers’ comp is typically the only claim you can bring against your employer, some employers do not have adequate workers’ compensation insurance, and other “third parties” may also be responsible for your accident. You may be able to claim additional compensation from responsible third parties who are not your employer or co-workers.

For example, if your accident was caused by the negligence (careless wrongdoing) of someone on the construction site who was not your employer or co-worker, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against them for additional compensation. Examples include claims against a company that made a defective tool or piece of equipment, careless driving on the part of a vendor, recklessness on the part of someone employed by another contractor at the site, or a property owner who created a dangerous condition at the site.

If you have been injured at a construction site in Raleigh or elsewhere in North Carolina’s Triangle region, you should speak with an attorney to find out about your rights under workers’ compensation law. A knowledgeable attorney can also advise you in regards to any third-party claim you may be able to bring.

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