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Important Lessons to Learn From High Profile Divorces

Divorce is always a stressful, emotional situation. In a high-profile divorce of prominent individuals, unwanted outside attention can be intrusive, damage reputations and careers, and cause stress and psychological harm.

A high-profile divorce often conjures up images of celebrities or entertainers. But high-profile divorces may involve high-powered corporate leaders and people in the public eye. Leaders in any organization, from a country club, civic group, church, or local government, may find their divorce suddenly thrust into a spotlight within their circle of influence. Private matters can become the subject of talk and speculation that causes lasting damage.

The divorce lawyers of Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks in Raleigh have extensive experience helping people of all walks of life work through the many issues that arise during separation and divorce. We can help with everything from settlement negotiations to advice if you must publicly address the status of your relationship. We can provide specialized assistance to uncover concealed assets in a contentious divorce.

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A Positive Approach to High-Profile Divorce

If we can help you keep your separation and divorce from becoming contentious, the details of your personal lives should remain private. If you and your spouse can come to terms on a separation agreement, then you and your spouse may only go to court to obtain the final divorce order. The details of the separation agreement are not public.

The negotiations to reach a separation agreement may be conducted with mediation, in which a specifically trained neutral third-party mediator guides the divorcing couple’s discussion of issues that must be settled and seeks to steer the discussions in a productive direction. Each spouse’s attorney would attend the mediation sessions to protect their client’s rights and interests.

If separation agreement negotiations are not conducted through mediation, then they must be negotiated between the spouses and their legal representatives.

Issues to resolve as part of separation agreement negotiations typically include:

Productive discussions can result in a separation agreement, which can serve as the basis of the court order that will eventually grant your divorce.

Without an agreement to take before a family law judge, each issue must be discussed in open court where it becomes part of the public record.

As your family law attorneys, we will work to ensure that your separation agreement reflects your desires in a manner that protects your assets and wealth after your divorce and in the years ahead.

We will seek to protect you from damage if your separation and divorce are thrust into the public.

Let Our Team Stand Up for You

If the details of your private life become public in a divorce, your immediate objective should be to maintain control of the narrative. If individuals from outside of your family are spreading scandalous information, it is better to craft a united response, whether delivered from you and your spouse together or in separate statements.

As your legal team, we would work with you, and as much as possible, with your spouse’s counsel to develop a common message to share if your divorce becomes public. This might be a general statement asking for privacy or it could be specific but succinct responses to others’ statements.

In a contentious divorce, the other spouse might be the source of negative material that becomes public. The proper response, in this case, is to rebut false statements, but avoid a back-and-forth public exchange.

Our goal is to protect your reputation as well as your assets as your separation and divorce proceed. Activities we may assist will include:Family in office of family lawyer. Two parents fighting over child in divorce

  • Creating statements for publication
  • Negotiating temporary agreements to protect your interests during work toward a separation agreement
  • Ensuring confidentiality language is part of your separation agreement
  • Referring you for counseling sessions aimed at developing coping skills for the trying time ahead

Dealing with Prenuptial Agreements in a High Profile Divorce

Prenuptial and postnuptial (after marriage) agreements are contracts that spell out how a couple will divide their assets if their marriage dissolves. A “prenup” or “postnup” may delineate certain financial responsibilities during the marriage.

In practice, a prenup or postnup can cover almost any issue a couple might have. Such a contract might guarantee an allowance paid by one spouse to the other and state reasons for discontinuing the allowance, such as relapsing into a substance abuse problem.

Anyone about to be married, particularly anyone who has a significantly high income, should consider establishing a prenuptial agreement. Suggesting a postnup once you are married is more difficult. But postnups do exist and are valid and upheld when properly executed.

If you are divorcing and there is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place, it must be assessed to determine whether its provisions apply to the issues of your divorce.

Contact Our High Profile Divorce Attorneys

While divorce is undeniably an emotional issue, it can be a serious mistake to overlook the economic aspects of divorce. Particularly in a high profile divorce, separation and divorce that is not handled correctly can cause you lasting financial harm.

The high-profile divorce attorneys of Younce, Vtipil, Baznik & Banks can offer you experienced and skilled legal representation that ensures your rights and reputation are protected and that you walk away from your marriage with the assets you are due.

Contact us in Raleigh today at 919-661-9000 or online to schedule a consultation to learn how we can develop a legal strategy to help you.

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